Wood Chip Burners

Wood Chip BurnerImagine heating your home, place of business, hot tub, swimming pool and clothes dryer with hot water for pennies on the dollar! Hurt Enterprises delivers green energy solutions with Portage & Main Outdoor Boilers, powered by wood chips.

These virtually smokeless burners meet EPA standards and are highly economical. Simple controls and non-proprietary parts means replacement parts are easily accessible. This solid investment in the environment and your home or business delivers completely automatic and effortless heat at your fingertips.


•  No Carbon Footprint!
•  One ton of cord wood provides 4.2 million BTUs of heat (and a lot of physical labor) versus one ton of wood chips providing 6 million BTUs of heat and minimal physical effort.
•  One ton of wood chips costs $40.00 and can be delivered like oil.
•  Wood chips are a local renewable resource that enhances local business.
•  No dependence on foreign oil.
•  Completely safe total outdoors and fire safe.


•  The TrPortage and Main Outdoor Boilers logoiple Pass outdoor wood boiler produces hydronic heat which is heated water delivered to your home and transferred to your furnace or boiler.
•  Basement Pellet furnaces and coal burning equipment.
•  B500 (500,000 BTU Burner) supplies heat for commercial buildings, condominiums, large farms or multiple buildings on the same lot.

To learn more and view product videos, visit: www.PortageAndMainBoilers.com


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Wood Chip Burner Brochure

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